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Navius is able to gather and analyse factual market and business information within a short amount of time thanks to its own Research Institute, AnnaLise SVP. This Institute supports Navius with regard to strategic consultancy and mergers & acquisitions. It also conducts independent research for sixty percent of the top-100 businesses in the Netherlands.

Every market is unique and every profession has its own specific terminology. This therefore requires customised research and good old-fashioned brainwork; in other words, it depends on far more than automation. The researchers and analysts at AnnaLise SVP are specialists in the following sectors: Food, Consumer Products & Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Products & Services, Financial & Business Services, Technology & Communications.

AnnaLise SVP distinguishes itself from the competition with its worldwide research and intelligence network. This network comprises more than 1,100 Industry Analysts and  Research & Intelligence professionals who are experts in retrieving and analysing information. These specialists utilise the most up-to-date facilities and a wide range of resources, including our knowledge management system, worldwide online databases, and naturally the Internet, CD-ROMs and their own personal library.